Bar dating games

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This dating simulator presents you as a girl who has decided to leave home and move to Heavenly Hills after she has discovered the fact that her father is notoriously known for breaking many women hearts.

However, after a small period of time, you have discovered that you have many things in common with your father.

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Fall in love with a guy of your dreams and create lasting relationships.

Every Saturday, from 7pm Old Street It’s Saturday and you’re ready to get the best people in your life together for a night of…

To get ready for the Candy Bar Game, purchase the following candy bars and use double-sided tape to attach candy bars to large poster or display board. Tell the guests that you will read them a clue and for them to write down their guess of which candy bar matches the clue.

Practice your dating pick-up lines and conversation skills, the essential elements of a successful date.

Often in these dating sims games you will buy little gifts, talk with different guys and give them compliments.

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