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When I lived in Manhattan, I met new people at the dog run and while jogging with Nemo in Central Park.

Dogs make a good excuse to strike up a conversation.

Zoe, Female, 29 @zoyzalsa Profile written by: Ziggy About Zoe: There’s a lot more to Zoe than she lets on. Jonathan, Male, 25 @jongraz Profile written by: Noodle Jonathan’s pre-date ritual: First of all, if you’re going on a date with Jonathan, you should consider yourself a lucky man. –The next thing Jonathan looks for in a partner is if their dog is compatible with me? And even though Katie is my best friend, she has blamed farts on me in the past.

He’s already swiped right on your profile and is looking forward to meeting your dog.

Just in time for Love Your Pet Day on the 20th Feb, our new survey of 600 Canadians has revealed that nearly two-thirds of singles (60%) think owning a pet can make someone more attractive¹ – and that owning a dog makes you the most attractive of all.

Not only that, the way someone treats their pets might just indicate how caring they will be as a partner... It might be time to get a dog: our latest user survey has revealed that Canadian singles think that dog owners are extra attractive.

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So why are Canadian singles so attracted to people with pets?

It could be because someone’s attitude towards their animals is seen by many as a good indicator of whether or not they are relationship material.

In fact, nearly 4 in 5 singles – 79% - think that the way someone treats their pets can predict how caring they will be in a relationship.

Honestly I think it’s all a little weird, but maybe I’m just jealous?

Fun fact about Wheaton: He is probably not a serial killer?

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