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If you're a developer you will find tools, headers and libraries allowing to write Windows console or GUI applications that make use of significant parts of the POSIX API.Cygwin allows easy porting of many Unix programs without the need for extensive changes to the source code.These issues are often short lived and do not impact any Net BSD releases.In these cases we don't release patches or advisories specifically for Net BSD-current, but instead recommend that you update to a version containing the fixes. If a security issue is identified that just impacts Net BSD-current, the Net BSD Security Officer will send an email to the current-users mailing list detailing the issue and what updates are necessary.This includes configuring and building most of the available GNU or BSD software, including the packages included with the Cygwin distribution themselves.They can be used from one of the provided Unix shells like bash, tcsh or zsh.Users should remember that there can often be bugs in third-party software, and some of these bugs can leave a machine vulnerable to exploitation.

As well as investigating, documenting and updating code in response to newly reported security issues, the team also performs periodic code audits to search for and remove potential security problems.

Communication with vendors and other distributions shipping the same code may also cause these delays.

In some cases a security issue will be discovered in Net BSD-current and then be resolved soon after.

The Net BSD pkgsrc Security Team and package maintainers keep a list of known security vulnerabilities in packages which are (or have been) included in pkgsrc.

Cygwin is a distribution of popular GNU and other Open Source tools running on Microsoft Windows.

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