Dating an army guy consolidating defaulted federal student loans

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His profile will show his real business, photos and where he lives, was born, went to school and he has close to 5,000 friends. I was contacted by a scammer using two of Jay's real photos but going by the name of Chris Anderson. The real man is not going to do this but the scammers will.Now, there are two other Jay Francis Mc Hugh accounts that are absolutely FAKE. I fell for the pictures under Chris Anderson, who still uses the two photos. Anytime you get a friend request from someone on Facebook put their profile name in the "search". It will show you the profile name with a forward slash /. I found several that showed the account as being set up in Nigeria by Danny Waltha, Gloria Ojigbo and a new one named Desmond Imoniefe. Facebook agreed that one was fake but said the other two were set up properly. I was told he has thirty or more women he is scamming. thank god for whoever created this site, it helps so much, as I dont trust anyone with broken English, or weird grammar.

That didn't work so then when he told me after Christmas he would come and visit me but he wasn't in the state and that was the bye bye.

Everything from the contract letter from Pemex Oil, to the emails to his supplier called Plamedi were so very convincing.

At one point he even gave me his bank login info which sealed the deal on any doubt I ever had. He had a way of making me feel like the most special person in the world!

I’m thankful everyday I was alerted to scammers as I’ve found this site.

It makes me physically sick these heartless cretins are preying on people looking for love! It’s unfortunate not everyone is open to considering it’s all fake and that people would even attempt this - the only agenda is taking your hard earned cash they don’t care about anything else - once you get your head round that and bounce back from the scars you can move on.

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