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Judaism supposedly created Israel, and Judaism also is the parent of Christianity and Islam, so the issue of Judaism and Ancient Israel, from which it supposedly emerged, are not trifling topics.

The fact is, as a growing body of scholarship demonstrates, ." The Hebrew Bible is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a historical document, and trying to understand the history of Palestine by reading the Bible is like trying to understand Medieval history by reading Ivanhoe.

Solid reasoning underlies this critical opposition. The social setting of the Exodus story is vastly different from that of the patriarchal narratives and the Joseph saga, which deal with the fate of a particular family.

It is interesting to compare this concept - that the Exodus as the liberation of the Jews provided freedom for generations to come - with the concept of the vicarious remission of sins by the crucifixion of Jesus whereby future generations are "set free" by this act.

The liberation from Egypt is a critical moment in the history of Israel. Without it, Israel's nationhood would have been a historical footnote, and its faith in as the God of Israel would have remained insignificant.

The Exodus represents more than a national liberation: it marks the birth of a nation and justifies that nation's very existence.

Now the narratives turn to a larger question: the liberation of a nation.

The string of narratives that began with Joseph's family migrating to Egypt ends with several hundred thousand people leaving it.

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