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After all, most dating services involve a period of text communication between matched partners before they meet in person.Would the same study work if conducted entirely through text communication, without any physical or verbal cues?How much of our feeling of closeness relies on seeing the other person’s face–their reactions, their mannerisms, their movements?And how much of our attraction to a person is reliant on looks?

Once the conversation period begins you may exchange names with your partner.

This prompted participants to reveal personal thoughts and experiences not typically shared with someone during a first meeting.

At Venngage, we wanted to test the study but with a 21st century twist: can people fall in love through text conversation?

When the participants arrived, we pointed them to a boardroom where the Wi Fi connection information and refreshments were set up.

We then instructed them to take a seat at an empty work station and refrain from talking to the other participants.

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