Dating without drama quiz

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Source: Shutter Stock If you're not officially a couple yet, or even if you just started dating, don't start immediately acting like you're totes in love on Facebook.

Commenting on all of his stuff, posting tons of pictures he doesn't even realize you took or adding all of his friends are things that will freak him out.

I've watched guys dump girls for having too much drama, even if it had nothing to do with them. Source: Shutter Stock Intrusive questions are annoying for anyone. Source: Shutter Stock You should definitely make the first move sometimes. But you don't need to ask him to hang out every single day.

“She was really cool, and fun to chat with, but I was like, ” recalls Frankowski, now a researcher at the University of Texas at El Paso. But then to go in and make that public — again, it just takes it to a whole new level.” Who these people, he wondered, who seem to sincerely believe that their lives are laden with gigantic problems, no matter how small the problems actually are?

“It was minor stuff, but it was just taken to a whole other level. He had a hunch, he told Science of Us, that there must be “some underlying trait to this — something that is driving people to have lives filled with chaos.”.

Source: Shutter Stock Guys are not stupid, yet some girls seem to think they are totally oblivious. If he's smart, he'll notice when you're being sneaky.

So, don't just "accidentally" show up to his favorite hangout spot and then pretend you had no idea he would be there when you see him. This only applies when you've first started dating...

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