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We get to watch the spinning machine whirr into action.

As it's wrapped onto bobbins the ply spins around so fast you can barely see it, but you can see the bobbins slowly filling up.

We wonder how Vermont-feeling it's really going to be. A little downtown where the main grocery option is the Putney Food Co-op, a cooperatively owned health food store.

Maybe this "Green Mountain" thing is just an exercise in branding? As we roll into the town of Putney, the Vermont vibes are unmistakeable. A roadside eatery called Curtis' Bar-B-Q operating out of a broken-down, colorfully painted school bus. " In quick succession we meet David Ritchie, Lauren Von Krusenstiern, Maureen Clark, and Laurie Gilbert.

"The great things about these machines is that they never become obsolete." Kate says. We chat for a while and thank her for spending so much time with us. In a few weeks, the two giant bags of raw wool currently sitting in the shed will come out the front door as a thousand skeins of yarn, ready for knitting.(She also volunteers to take photos and video of our wool being processed, which we're so happy to have and to share here. )The inside of the Spinnery is both whimsical and steampunk-industrial.The walls are decorated with little notes, collages, poems, quotes, and sketches.These have been dyed in-the-wool, before spinning, and they'll end up being blended with undyed wool to make tweedy and heathered yarns. We work the bags over to an old sliding-weight scale by flipping them end-over-end.He weighs them, and writes down the numbers on a pen-and-paper ledger sheet.

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