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When Bobbi went for her regular check up and scan, the doctors found something quite incredible in her womb. There were seven children growing inside Bobbi Mc Caughey. However, multiple births is quite common when taking fertility treatment (although 7 was almost unheard of).

Kenny and Bobbi declined selective reduction to give their babies a better chance, saying they would put the decision in God’s hands.

Kenny and Bobbi decided the best way to have another child was to take hormone therapy, using the fertility medicine Metrodin.

This treatment stimulates ovulation and can help those with fertility problems become pregnant.

Bobbi and Kenny took it all in their stride, however.

They had to consider different ways to help them have another child after Mikayla Marie was born.

You’re going to feel all of those emotions twice (or three times as) hard.

NOW, imagine being told you’re having seven babies.

Fraternal fetuses will only share 50% of their genetic material, making them the same as siblings. The more babies a woman is carrying, the more likely there are to be complications.

It’s very rare to see multiple births end successfully, or for all of the babies to grow up to be healthy young adults.

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