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Kennedy had been shot three days earlier, and Jackie was now the most famous woman in the world.

Onassis watched the endless coverage from the Paris apartment of his lover, Maria Callas, commenting that Jackie was "so brave, so courageous". She had no notion that this woman, whom she was only ever to meet once, briefly and inconsequentially, would contribute so much to her unhappiness.

Next stop is the island of Kythira, where Aphrodite was allegedly born.

Legend has it she rose from the water and made her home there after Cronus castrated his father Uranus and cast him into the sea. The undulating islands rises gently from the Ionian Sea.

I know the anxiety of only having one chance to get the perfect photo.

I know the excitement of going to a shop to get them developed.

My mum had a film camera we would use and for holidays/festivals I would get disposable cameras with my friends.

But I don’t remember using one after I got my first smart phone when I was 20.

Since coming back from holiday I have become That relative of yours who wants to sit you down and show you their slideshow of holiday snaps. Having physical photos from our trip is so much fun!

When I do, in the late afternoon, the city's most expensive restaurants are still heaving with diners.

Recently I went on holiday to Greece with my boyfriend and for a week I didn’t use my phone at all. I would highly recommend taking a disposable camera with you on your next trip!

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