Internet dating sites pros and cons

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Online dating harbors a sense anonymity in its interactions before the actual meetup, so sometimes it can be difficult to tell if a person's profile serves as an accurate representation of who they are.Meeting that person in a traditional public setting takes away from the worry of potential lies and misleading that can happen via the internet.It also can result in unwanted attention from strangers who may just be looking to hookup rather than date.

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While the growing popularity of online dating is good for increasing the amount of potential matches, it can also be a bit of a barrier.It is essentially dating on your own terms, allowing you to be as narrow or broad as you like in finding the perfect match.Some sites will even do the matching for you, allowing you to sit back and wait for your own date!While there are differing ideas as to whether traditional dating or online dating is more effective, it is important to recognize that both approaches have a series of advantages and disadvantages.Here are some pros and cons regarding traditional dating and online dating: # Pros While online dating requires a certain amount of online interaction before meeting up, traditional way allows you to see what you get right off the bat.

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