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Superman's arrogance was knocked down a peg, and he repaid Steel's lesson in humility by saving him from a fire.

He was soon approached by Supergirl to work with her at Lex Corp.

Superboy also learned that the DNA donor was in fact the late Cadmus director, Paul Westfield, as well as a revelation from Carl Packard that Superboy had been the thirteenth attempt by Cadmus to clone Superman. Teng's "Bizarro" technique, resulting in a Bizarro Superboy that was still being held by the lab. When Superboy returned to Hawaii, Tana threw him a birthday party, making Superboy officially one year old.

Techno and the Silicon Dragons who became consistent foes.

After a running battle with Sidearm on the beach, Superboy learned that Tana Moon had moved to Hawaii.

Superboy decided to stay on the islands, stylising himself as the "Hero of Hawaii." Superboy was diagnosed as suffering from the Clone Plague that was ravaging most of the Underworlders and other Cadmus clones.

The first of the few survivors, Superboy was successfully cured thanks to Cadmus' efforts and had to help fight off members of Team Luthor when they tried to steal the cure.

To his reluctance, Dubbilex was asked to take in Krypto by Bibbo.

Dubbilex was chosen to act as a chaperone, in part because Westfield tried to hide the fact he had sent Payback of the DNAliens against Superboy earlier that day.

The clone's arrival in Metropolis coincided with three others taking up the mantle of "Superman".

Two of them, "the Man of Tomorrow" (Cyborg Superman) and "the Last Son of Krypton" (the Eradicator), insisted they were the real Superman resurrected, while "the Man of Steel" (John Henry Irons) made no such claim, nor did the young clone who was open about his origin to Lois Lane, thought he insisted on being called "Superman" not "Superboy"!

While the young clone and Steel were sceptical about his claim, they joined him to attack Engine City, discovering a huge missile capable of wiping out a city inside.

The teen clung to the missile as it was launched and managed to alter its course before it reached Metropolis.

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