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Ultimate Chronixx follows up the popular “People’s Choice vol. A compilation of fan favourites from Chronixx’s Facebook and Twitter.

Chronixx, who is well known for roots reggae repertoire, is no stranger to dancehall.

Hawaii, which has a large reggae fan base, will witness the first Chronixx concert of 2018.

This marks his first time on the island where he has seen his popularity grow with each release.

"The line, 'emancipate yourself from mental slavery,' - if someone can convince you that you are inferior, then they have really oppressed you," Salter said.

"So you can emancipate yourself from that and recognize the divine within you, your real value." CNN’s Belief Blog: The faith angles behind the biggest stories 2. Rastas believe in God and use the term Jah, shorthand for Jehovah, a name for God that is common in the Jewish scriptures.

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