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It’s intended to be “a book for every kind of FAMILY and every kind of KID.” It emphasizes that not everyone goes about having a baby the same way and cleverly illuminates the basic biology of reproduction while honoring today’s diversity of families, genders, and gender identities, in addition to the different ways kids can come into a family.

School issues It’s inevitable that at some point your child will face activities that are geared toward dads, such as Father’s Day or father-daughter dances. Ryan (Keen Editions, 2011) is a lovely book in which a mother explains to her child that she got help from a man and a doctor to have a baby.

The most basic for this purpose is by Todd Parr (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, 2010).

It’s straightforward and to the point, with very few words and simple pictures, making it suitable for very young children.

The greatest part about this book is that you can order it in several different versions: single mom sperm donation, single mom in vitro fertilization, or single mom sperm/egg or embryo adoption versions. It’s available for electronic download, or you can purchase a printed version.

The Donor Conception Network is a UK-based organization that has endless resources for donor-conceived children of any kind, including books for children of any age and videos and books for adults.

It’s an upbeat, sweet story about how Nan deals with this scenario by inviting her uncle to Donut Day.

Instead, you want to aim for it to be a story that has been part of your child’s knowledge before they could even understand it.

It's basically "Sexy Back" 2.0, and we can't get enough.

Research has shown that it’s best to start the discussion about donor origins with your child at an early age.

By that I mean that it’s useful for your donor-conceived child to understand that a sperm and an egg are required to create a baby; however, sometimes the person who provides the sperm or egg is the mother or father, and sometimes that person is not.

There is a growing number of books that discuss these concepts, many of which are customizable for various scenarios and should be useful for single moms, in particular.

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