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Download new apps, create and display a powerpoint, listen to music, read books, and play most all those interactive games you love so much on your phone or news, we have the latest Tronsmart MK808II Rockchip RK3066 Dual Core TV Box Mini PC.There are two big questions hovering in the comments recently that pretty much amount to the same thing: How do I let go of the guy that didn’t reciprocate my feelings?Stay single and alone for the rest of her life, occasionally getting short-term sex and companionship when needed, but never actually pair-bond with one long-term guy. She being bored, and have a much lower boredom tolerance than men. Her husband must be a Gentleman™ who Treats Her Like A Lady™. She doesn’t want to be the crazy cat lady down the street she used to make fun of when she was young and pretty in her early 20s. This means: A) She wants even if it’s impossible, and B) She was raised to use woman logic to make most of her major life decisions. He needs to be a guy who kicks ass and turns me on. He also needs to treat me like a lady, do what he’s told, take out the trash, always be faithful, treat me with respect, and kiss my ass. However, little does she realize she’s just described a man who does not exist. There are slightly more confident betas, but they’re still betas. Unicorn Man only to finally and angrily surrender for a beta or Alpha in their late 40s or early 50s.Those are her only three options, at least in terms of getting into a long-term (3 years) relationship or marriage with a man. Women would rather be unhappy, alone, or in a bad relationship than be bored. All three of the only options available to the modern day woman, she hates. Therefore, she simply invents a new fourth fantasy option out of thin air. As I have discussed in detail in my books and blogs, men are Alphas or betas. A man is still Alpha or beta, with all the pros and cons those two categories entail. If you try to explain to a woman that the Submissive Alpha Male doesn’t exist, women huff and puff and tell you that you don’t know what you’re talking about, and if they just go on enough first dates and have enough boyfriends, eventually they’ll find him. By then, many of them finally understand that they wasted their lives looking for something that wasn’t real.It conflicts with too much feminine Societal Programming.

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The only person you have to break up with is you and your rather overactive imagination and feelings.

The issue here isn’t really about ‘him’ (or her), as he’s not really part of the equation when you’ve created an illusion rather than keeping your feet in the real world – the issue is about you and the fact that you don’t want to let go of your feelings, your obsession, your drama.

There are four key reasons why these situations come about: You are a queen of projection.

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