Wrt54g not updating dyndns

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Are you trying to set up your home security device or website but don’t know exactly how to make it work?The Dyn Wizard will take you through the setup process, step by step.This article covers the basic Linksys router configuration steps.The steps cover how to explicitly change the DNS settings in your router to use the Open DNS IP addresses (2.22 and 2.220).For websites, the default port is 80, so you will need to open port 80 in Windows Firewall and any security suites you may use (AVG, Norton, Mc Afee, etc.).For testing purposes, you may wish to temporarily turn off your firewall and other security software completely.(Please note: Once your server application is installed, you will need to allow visitors to connect to your computer to view your website.

The last step is to configure an update client, which will keep your new Dyn DNS host up-to-date with your network’s external IP address.

The common ports for this are TCP 80 (web) and UDP 9000 (media), but your camera or DVR should list the default ports.

Again, if you’re not sure, the device’s documentation, your camera installer, or the camera or DVR manufacturer should have more information.

Modern modems have built-in firewalls that protect your network, just like routers; however, if you already have a router, the modem’s firewall is redundant.

By setting the modem to bridge mode, all incoming traffic is passed downstream to your router, allowing the router to handle your network’s security.

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